Looking for a great new plugin? Already found a plugin on CodeCanyon and want to learn more? This site houses the demos for each premium plugin created by Bolder Elements. Below is a list of each plugin offered, a few brief details, and a link to its demo site for viewing.

Table-Rate-Shipping-for-WCTable Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Product-Alerts-for-WCProduct Alerts for WooCommerce Compare-Products-with-WCCompare Products with WooCommerce
Bolder-Fees-for-WCBolder Fees for WooCommerce Cart-Based-Shipping-for-WCCart Based Shipping for WooCommerce Bolder-SurveysBolder Surveys for WordPress
Save for Later with WooCommerce

Every demo site has access to the dashboard as well so you can familiarize yourself with how to set it up and everything that it can achieve. [Old IP Address]